Umm...You Can Drink This New Mushroom Face Mask

Some of our more citrus-y candles smell delicious, our lip balm tastes like coconuts and don't even get us started on cherry chapstick.

But drinking our face mask? Sounds like it would go against the warning label, but the superfood company behind the cult-favorite mushroom coffee blend, Four Sigmatic, is branching into the world of beauty, and encouraging customers to—yup—imbibe their glowing-skin-promising products.

The new Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic ($50) contains reishi and chaga 'shrooms (aka "calming and antioxidant" kinds) as well as activated charcoal, panax ginseng root and gotu kola root. The mask, which actually smells and tastes sorta chocolatey, comes in powder form, so it can be mixed with one tablespoon of water and then applied to the face like a traditional mask, or mixed with 7 ounces of hot water for the drink. 

There's also a Superfood Serum ($55) that comes in a tiny bottle with a dropper. It smells like lemons and oranges and contains reishi 'shrooms, plus avocado, olive and tsubaki seed oils, grapefruit peel and frankincense oil. It can be applied twice daily after cleansing and toning, or you can take as a supplement by consuming four drops by mouth daily.

While we were hesitant at first (Mushrooms are gross. There, we said it.), the mask and serum both taste pretty good (in a health-food sorta way). Don't expect hot cocoa, but you don't have to worry about hating it, either.

So, yes, you can have your cake fancy adaptogen skincare and eat it, too. 

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