There’s a Robot That Will Fold Your Laundry for You, and We Need It *Now*

It’s laundry day. Time to wash, dry and repeat. But wait, you’re not finished. The part you’ve been dreading: folding. 

Picture a world where the idea of tedious folding is obsolete. That seems to be what the makers of FoldiMate had in mind when creating a robot that folds your clothes, quickly (like less than five minutes) and efficiently. Is this what the future looks like?

The most recent prototype was unveiled at CES 2019 (and not gonna lie, we thought it looked like a copy machine). It seems simple enough to use: Feed your items into the machine, and your folded items exit at the bottom, neatly stacked, on a tray. And apparently it works for most shapes and sizes of clothes (sorry, items for kids ages 6 and under are a no-go). 

We can’t get too excited, FoldiMate isn’t on the market yet and doesn’t come without a steep price ($980—ouch).

Now if only we had a robot to put all the clothes away…