This New Fashion Brand Is So Retro You Have to Call a Landline to Place an Order

fall risk john targon 11
Courtesy of Fall Risk

Remember when the # button on a phone was still called the pound sign and the highlight of your afternoon involved flipping through a dELiA*s catalog? Well, one designer is tapping into those feel-good nostalgia vibes with a new fashion line that you can only order over the phone. Seriously. You're going to have to talk to a real human being. Over the phone. Like an adult.

John Targon (who previously designed for Marc Jacobs and Baja East) is betting big on kitsch with his new brand Fall Risk. In fact, the brand as a whole dives headfirst into a retro aesthetic and features '90s-esque baby tees, '70s-inspired knits and wide-leg pants that probably very closely resemble what your dad wore in college.

It may sound crazy, but within three days of launching a T-shirt with the brand's phone number on it, Fall Risk received more than 400 phone calls. And with supermodels like Bella Hadid and Duckie Thot as fans, we're certain that Targon's fashion hotline will be ringing off the hook.

He further explained this throwback selling strategy in an interview with Vogue saying, "It isn’t something that is as easy as a click. I want to talk to you. I want to know do you prefer black? Red? Color? I want to tell you how it fits, if it’s oversize or shrunken.”

Of course, there are some modern aspects to the brand including an Instagram account reminiscent of good old-fashioned catalogs and a website where shoppers can sign up for Fall Risk’s Members Card program, which will let you be the first to know about the latest product drops. But, of course, you’ll still have to pick up your phone and dial (212-982-RISK) if you want to actually purchase any of the limited-edition designs. Perhaps it’s time we brushed up on our phone etiquette…



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