These Sequined Dwight Schrute Pillows Are Possibly the Greatest Thing We've Ever Seen

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As far as TV characters go, it doesn't get much more iconic than Dunder Mifflin MVP, Mr. Dwight K. Schrute. (Sigh. We miss him every day.) But since it's socially unacceptable to binge every single season of The Office through for the sixth time straight, we'll be bringing Dwight in our homes via home decor instead. 

Meet Memeskins, a genius Etsy retailer that sells sequined pillows—emblazoned with none other than Dwight's face. There's maniacal, laughing Dwight. There's deer-in-headlights Dwight. There's a full Dwight montage. More of a Michael Scott devotee? They've got him, too

But the best part about these next-level throw pillows? The sequins are reversible. You can swipe them to a modest black when entertaining (polite) company—and then swipe them back when they leave and you return to your Office-obsessed weirdo self. 

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