Here’s Why Emma Stone Has Been Rocking Dark Brown Hair Recently

Have you been keeping up with Emma Stone’s hair this awards season? Yeah, us too. Or at least we’re trying to. 

The 30-year-old actress began the season with her signature red hair, but when we saw her again at the 30th Annual Producers Guild Awards, it was out with the red and in with the chocolate brown. Then came the SAG Awards along with a…darker red-brown color? Stay with us here—this wasn’t just because she was trying to switch up her look, there’s a reason for the dark shade: She’s filming Zombieland 2

Yesterday, the official Zombieland Twitter account released their own ten-year challenge showcasing the picture of its cast from the original film next to a current photo. 

Ahh, now it all makes sense. Remember, Stone’s character originally had dark reddish-brown hair. And by the looks of the two photos, the character hasn’t changed a bit (besides opting for a ponytail this time around). Naturally a blonde (we were shocked too), the Maniac actress has been known to dye her hair for any role she takes on, thus explaining this recent change. 

Blonde, red or brown, we have serious hair envy.