Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Sends Touching Message to Hawaii Amid Wildfires Tragedy

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As residents continue to deal with the devastating effects of the Hawaii wildfiresDwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (who is of Samoan descent and lived in Hawaii for part of his childhood) is taking a moment to send a supportive message to everyone dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy. 

While taking a break from his workout at the gym, Johnson, 51, starts the Instagram video (posted on his account this past Sunday) by saying some encouraging words to the people affected by the wildfires. “This message goes out to our Hawaiian islands back home, our Hawaiian people. Our Polynesian people,” the Jumanji: The Next Level actor said in the clip. 

He added, “As hard as it is right now, as challenging as it is right now, as heartbreaking as it is right now, we have to stay together because this—no doubt—is the thing that is going to make us stronger.”

The Baywatch star goes on to encourage Hawaiian residents to “stay strong” during this difficult time. “We know that. We know that this is who we are as kanaka, as a culture and a community, that when we’re down, we come together and we rise,” Johnson continued. “And we will. So stay strong, and to all of the people all around the world, all the families around the world who are sending our Hawaiian islands, our Hawaiian people, our Polynesian culture:  thank you for sending us all your love, and your prayers and your support, your resources, your supplies, your money—thank you.”

Johnson also sent his love and support to the residents affected by Hurricane Hilary in Southern California, which is the first tropical storm to hit the area in 84 years. 

Before ending his message, the former wrestler shared, “In the meantime, we’re in Southern California. We’re trying to get ready and prepare as best we can for this crazy storm that's getting ready to hit us. So everybody here in California—Southern California—be prepared and stay strong. And to everybody back home, I love you. Stay strong.”

Thank you for your kind words, Dwayne. 

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