‘Downton Abbey’ Star Reveals Her Character Was Cut from the Movie, and We Wonder What Mr. Carson Would Say…

We can imagine that, like the Crawleys, the cast of Downton Abbey is a family. So when one of the stars of the TV show was mysteriously booted from the movie, we had to scratch our heads and wonder what Mr. Carson would say. (Probably something along the lines of "One must not lose hope, my lady...")

According to Radio Times via Digital Spy, actress Sue Johnston, who plays the Dowager Countess's (surly and conniving) maid, Gladys Denker, in the Masterpiece TV series, was written out of the script. Johnston said that her character, Gladys, was originally going to be included in the movie.

"She was in the first script, then that script disappeared," Johnston said, referring to her character being included in the pre-production scripts. "Imagine how I felt!" she joked. 

Johnston didn't make the cut for the Downton Abbey movie, which means we'll miss some of those sassy exchanges between Maggie Smith's Violet Crawley and her lady-in-waiting. But perhaps this isn't the end of the road for Mrs. Denker...

Series creator Julian Fellowes has already dropped some major hints about a movie sequel. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Fellowes and movie director Michael Engler were asked about the idea.

“I think there always is potential,” Engler said, though he was clear that the movie doesn't end with a cliffhanger (thank God).

“For me now to say, ‘Absolutely, definitely this is it, there will never be another film,’ I would just be foolish. Because you end up eating your words, you know?" Fellowes said. "I mean, I wouldn’t mind making another film. We were very happy making this one. So let’s see what happens.”

The Downton Abbey movie premieres on September 20. 'Til then, we'll pour out a spot of tea in Gladys's honor.


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