Dolly Parton Has Known Keanu Reeves Since He Was a Little Boy—Here’s Why

They go way back

Dolly Parton.
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There's one major Hollywood star who Dolly Parton, 77, has known since they were a little kid (and we're not talking about her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus). As revealed on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the country singer-songwriter used to know Keanu Reeves, 59, when he was just a little boy.

Yep, the two go way back because it turns out that Reeves's mom, Patricia, used to design clothes for Parton. In fact, the costume designer even made the iconic Playboy Bunny outfit that Parton wore on the cover of Playboy in 1978.

When Barrymore asked about the Playboy cover, Parton discussed her relationship with Reeves’s mother. “She did a lot of sewing for me,” the “Jolene” singer said. “She did a lot of my clothes. But I remember Keanu when he was just little, and she would bring him over to my house when we were fitting or when I would go to the shop where she worked.”

Then, Parton revealed that she and Reeves reconnected years later, once he had become a big movie star. “One day, years and years and years ago, I was doing a show somewhere and somebody knocked on the door,” she said. “[Keanu] knocked on the door and he said, ‘Do you remember me? I'm the little boy that used to sit at your feet when my mom was doing [her work].’”

Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves.
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Parton said, “It didn't connect to me that that was who that was,” but in that moment, everything clicked for the Steel Magnolias actress. And it sounds as if Parton still has a fondness for Reeves, because she added, “He's great. He's the sweetest guy.”

Meanwhile, Barrymore revealed to the country singer that Reeves actually wore Parton's Playboy Bunny outfit for Halloween one year, and the actor claims that it's his favorite costume he's ever worn. “Aww that's sweet,” Parton responded.

parton hero3

We never expected this connection, but we're totally here for it.

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