This New Dolly Parton Movie Hit #4 on Netflix in Just 24 Hours

It looks like Dolly Parton's Christmas on The Square is already getting fans into the holiday spirit.

Just 24 hours after the festive film debuted on Nov. 22, it hit number four on Netflix's list of most watched movies. And judging by the trailer alone, we can already understand why.

The movie features new music, lively dance numbers and, best of all, Parton transforming into a literal angel. As for the plot, the film basically centers on the Grinch's reincarnate, Regina Fuller (played Christine Baranski). Following her father's passing, Regina makes plans to sell her small hometown and evicts the residents, setting the deadline for Christmas Eve. But when a determined angel (Parton) pays her a visit, it seems like there might be hope for the townspeople after all.

In the trailer, when Parton's character appears in a sparkly, all-white ensemble, Regina asks, "Who are you?" Parton responds, "An angel." Regina follows up with, "What do you want from me?" And Parton simply replies, "Change!"

Throughout the teaser, Parton's smooth vocals can be heard in the background as she sings "Christmas on the Square," proving that the film's soundtrack is just as addicting as the film itself.

The musical, which was directed by Debbie Allen and written by Maria S. Schlatter, includes cast members Jenifer Lewis (Margeline), Josh Segarra (Pastor Christian Hathaway), Treat Williams (Carl Pellam), Jeanine Mason (Felicity Sorenson) and Mary Lane Haskell (Jenna Hathaway). But this isn't the only new project that we've seen from Parton recently.

On Nov. 17, the iconic country star released a memoir called Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in LyricsThe book includes never-before-seen photos and memorabilia, personal memories and stories that inspired many of her songs.

Sounds like we'll definitely be having a Holly, Dolly Christmas this year.

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