We're Calling It Now: *This* Will Be the No.1 Bag at Fashion Week

Sometimes the trends we see at New York Fashion Week can feel like they’re coming from all over the map. But this year, there seems to be a clear consensus on what the “it” bag of the season will be, and it’s not exactly a new style. Time to raid the back of your closet because the Dior saddle bag is back, baby.

woman carrying a printed dior saddle bag
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Blame it on early aughts nostalgia (or more likely the massive social media influencer campaign Dior invested in) but it's true, the iconic style is having a major comeback.

It first appeared in 2000 when John Galliano was head of design at the storied brand and immediately gained cult status among the fashion elite and celeb crowd. Paparazzi snapped photos of everyone from Paris Hilton to Sarah Jessica Parker to even Beyoncé carrying the unique shape.

woman wearing a blazer and carrying a dior saddle bag
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Maria Grazia Chiuri, the current artistic director at Dior, reinvented the 18-year-old bag for a more modern woman, increasing the size to be much more practical for a working woman and introduced a range of new prints, fabrications and hardware options. And it looks like the redesign can definitely be called a success.

Bloggers, fashion editors and style mavens alike have all been spotted carrying the 2018 version of the saddle bag and it doesn't look like the trend is fading any time soon.

woman carrying a white dior saddle bag
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

We fully expect Dior's new/old hit to continue having a strong showing all through New York Fashion Week and on through London, Rome and Paris, as well.

Unfortunately for those of us not on Dior's gifting list, the designer handbag isn't exactly cheap. The bags range in price from $2,350 for a mini up through $8,500 for more intricate patterned versions.

woman carrying a dior saddle bag for fall
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

But have no fear because there are indeed cheaper ways to rock the trend. Because this isn't the saddle bag's first time around the block, resale sites like eBay, Vestaire Collective, Tradesy and The Real Real are littered with OG versions, of the bag, often for much less than current retail.

So if you need us, we’ll just be scouring the internet for the perfect look-for-less version of this season’s “it” bag.



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