Breaking: David Schwimmer Signs on to Play Debra Messing's Love Interest on ‘Will & Grace'

While our hopes of a Friends reunion might not actually be that far off (*cue hyperventilating*), we actually won’t have to wait that long to see Ross as a love interest again on the small screen.

According to Deadline, David Schwimmer has signed on to play a recurring role on NBC’s revival of Will & Grace (currently in its second season, which is the Emmy-winning show’s tenth overall).

Move over, Rachel Green—Schwimmer will appear as Grace’s (Debra Messing) newest love interest. This is also a big reunion for Schwimmer, who hasn’t returned to the NBC network since Friends ended after ten seasons (and six Emmys to boot).

Will & Grace returns for season two on October 4, with other guest stars Alec Baldwin, Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack already announced.

*Sets DVR, then binges all ten seasons of Friends*


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