Holy Mother of Dragons, We Need One of These ‘GoT’ Handbags STAT

Usually the only time we get to dress up like our favorite Stark sibling, the mother of dragons or a contender for the Iron Throne is every Sunday at 9/8c on Halloween. But now you can show off your Game of Thrones pride every single day thanks to a chic new collab between the most anticipated show of 2019 and handbag designer Danielle Nicole.

game of thrones danielle nicole backpack
Courtesy of Danielle Nicole

The 18-piece collection features the symbolic icons of House Stark, House Targaryen and House Lannister so you can easily show off who you think truly deserves to sit upon the Iron Throne. Or at least whose house symbol you find most attractive. You do you, girl.

game of thrones danielle nicole wristlet
Courtesy of Danielle Nicole

Right now only six of the 18 designs are available on BoxLunch, but have no fear because the rest will become available and/or restocked before the end of the holiday season. Which of course gives you plenty of time to figure out exactly how to style your selection for the premiere of season 8.

game of thrones danielle nicole tote bag
Courtesy of Danielle Nicole

The bags range in price from $18 to $88, exclusively on BoxLunch.



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