The Real MVP of the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show Wasn’t Adam Levine’s Abs…

Raise your hand if you watched last night’s Super Bowl halftime show. Now raise your hand if you noticed the adorable dancing couple that stole said show during Maroon 5’s performance of “She Will Be Loved”? 

maroon 5 concert couple dancing
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Pre ab-reveal, we couldn’t take our eyes off the elderly couple having the time of their lives fangirling over Adam Levine during one of the biggest musical performances of the year. Swaying side to side while holding one of the many inspirational lanterns used throughout the show, the couple (in our hearts, their names are Martha and Morty) can be spotted in this official NFL video from minute 8:15 to 8:55, right before Big Boi decided to roll up in an antique Cadillac convertible.

From their contagious excitement over the choreographed drones spelling out “LOVE” in the sky to the way Morty held Martha while they danced to the music seriously made our hearts melt, taking us right back to the days of our first middle school dance. Their jumping and cheering as the song came to an end sealed their fate as our obvious MVPs for this year’s halftime show.

Will the real Martha and Morty please stand up? We’d love to congratulate you personally (and know your real names).

UPDATE (2/6/19, 10:53 AM): We found them! The couple featured in this story recently reached out to let us know they really did have a blast at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Oh, and their real names are Barbara and Larry.

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