This New Startup Wants to Treat Your Migraines Through Your Smartphone

cove migraine relief

Did you know that one in seven people suffer from migraines? That’s 1 billion people globally. Yikes. One new startup wants to help migraine sufferers manage their symptoms without ever having to set foot in a doctor's office.

Introducing Cove, a platform that combines diagnosis, personalized and affordable treatment solutions and ongoing condition management for migraine sufferers.

How does it work? First, during an online consultation, Cove will connect you with one of their doctors to discuss your symptoms and discover which treatment plans might work best for you. After consulting with said doctor, he or she will prescribe a personalized supply of FDA-approved medication that will then be delivered right to your door. Once you start taking the medication, you're encouraged to use Cove's online migraine tracker to see how well your treatment is working, and adjustments can be made by your doctor until you find the right fit.

Each treatment plan is individualized, but, per Cove's website, some of the medications prescribed by Cove doctors for the treatment of migraines are anti-nausea medication, beta blockers, antidepressants, and NSAIDS.

Price-wise, Cove says it's able to cut down the cost of treatments and doctor consultations by working directly with customers. That being said, Cove is an entirely self-pay service and insurance isn't accepted for the medical consultations or the products. Though, according to its website, prices "are typically much less than the cost of what you’d pay at your local pharmacy, and Cove provides both medical and customer care services."

Would you try it?

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