Wine-Infused Ice Pops Are a Thing and Here’s Where to Find Them

Just because we’re past the age of 12 doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a frozen treat on a hot day. We’d just prefer it in a glass with a little something extra (i.e., ABV).

And just like that, the universe has granted our wishes, because wine-infused ice pops are now a thing, and they’re available at Costco.

Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails—which are just like the ice pops of our childhood, with the addition of booze—were spotted by @thecostcoconnoisseur, who posted the find on Instagram. According to the post, Costco is selling the pops for $18 per 12-pack.

If you’ve ever wanted to imbibe but felt that wine glasses were too high-brow for the occasion (we have), the pops are six percent ABV each and come in six flavors (apple, cherry, lemonade, blue raspberry, grape and mango). They also clock in at just 90 calories apiece. Dibs on the blue raspberry.

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