*Of Course* Costco Sells a 27-Pound Tub of Shelf-Stable (Yep) Macaroni and Cheese

coscto mac and cheese

If you’re in the market for endless rolls of toilet paper and giant bags of peanut butter pretzels, Costco is your place. What about 27-pound tubs of macaroni and cheese? Yep, they’ve got that too.

The massive bucket of pasta is being categorized with the website’s “Emergency Kits and Supplies” section—because it has a shelf life of 20 years and would get you through both a snowstorm and a zombie apocalypse. (We imagine.)

To be clear, the tub holds 180 servings worth of elbow pasta and cheese sauce pouches—not premade mac and cheese (a mistake we made). It would take us 20 years to get through that amount of cheese sauce, no doubt.

Dammit, if the product isn’t already out of stock. We’re not totally surprised.

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