Chrissy Teigen Reveals That Son Miles ‘Has Never Had a Vegetable’ and All Moms Can Relate

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Celebrities, they’re just like us! Case in point: Chrissy Teigen just shared that her son Miles is a particularly picky eater.

The former Lip Sync Battle host recently welcomed her third child, and shared that getting the entire family to sit down for a healthy meal has been somewhat of a challenge as of late.

“I'd say we're like not there yet,” she told PureWow. “Right now we're just trying to get food in their stomachs.”

And it sounds like getting meals in bellies may be particularly challenging for Teigen and husband John Legend's second child, 4-year-old Miles.

“So Miles to this day has not had a vegetable. He's accidentally had a piece of broccoli that was existing in some fried rice. He didn't know it. And boy, he let us have it,” Teigen joked.

Miles is the middle child in the family, with 6-year-old Luna and newborn baby Esti making up the rest of the Legend crew. And it sounds like Miles is keeping everyone on their toes.

“He won't even have carrot sticks—I mean, the favorites of kids—he won't have celery with peanut butter on it. He won't have strawberries. He won't have berries. He won't. We tried to give him something from Dr. Praeger’s that had broccoli and potato and thought we [could pass it off] as a potato. But he won't even do that. He knows, he like sniffs it out!”

Ahem, does this sound familiar to any other moms out there? (It should—experts say that about 20 percent of kids are picky eaters.)

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Fortunately for the star, not all her kids are quite as particular. “Luna meanwhile, like loves salad, she loves healthy things,” Teigen revealed, adding that the adventurous eater will even try shrimp.

The model and TV personality sat down with us to discuss her partnership with Cord Blood Registry, the largest private newborn stem cell bank in the world. “Cord blood banking is something I did for Miles and Luna when they were born, so it was the obvious choice to bank Esti’s cord blood, as well.”

Here’s hoping that Esti, Miles, Luna, plus mom and dad can all sit down for a family meal soon—even if there are no vegetables on the menu.

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