4 Chrissy Teigen Pregnancy Clues That We Totally Missed

While the majority of the world was going about their Thursday afternoon as normal, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend decided to drop some major (but totally exciting) news.

ICYMI: the couple just announced that they are expecting their third child together, by releasing the music video for Legend’s new single, “Wild,” featuring footage of the whole family on vacation. And while we were enjoying the scenic visuals, it was the last few seconds that really caught our attention when the cookbook author showed off her growing belly.

And the cookbook author appears to have confirmed the news, by retweeting the video alongside the caption, “@johnlegend and @chrissyteigen drive us "Wild" in the heartfelt visuals for John's latest song with @garyclarkjr! Be sure to watch it now for a beautiful surprise!”

Naturally, we needed to go back and skim her social media to figure out how the heck we missed this. As it turns out, there were a handful of subtle signs (aside from the fact that she hasn’t really been spotted by paparazzi which we attributed to quarantine) that were, unfortunately, a little too subtle for us to catch at the time. Shall we take a look?

image from ios

1. Her Latest Instagram Story

Let’s start with the one she posted today. Teigen shared a charcuterie board challenge with her fans on her Instagram Stories this afternoon. During one shot, there’s a graphic placed directly over her midsection.

2. When She Was Reading With Miles And Luna

Again, placement of the book here is key. And we can’t help but wonder if there have been any big brother and sister books read in the Teigen-Legend home recently.

3. While On Vacation

We call this one the “kids come sit on mommy’s lap to cover tiny baby bump” pose. We may be reaching but it’s a possibility that that really happened.

4. When She Did A Photoshoot With John And Her Mom

And, of course, there’s the face away from the camera method.

Consider us fooled.