Chrissy Teigen Posts Sweet Video of Her Four Kids All Wearing Matching Outfits

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Not too long ago, Chrissy Teigen (37) treated her followers on social media to a beautiful up-close video of her newborn son, Wren Alexander Stephens. And now, the proud mom has shared a newly recorded clip of all four of her children having a bonding moment together. 

In the new Instagram post, her children are smiling for the camera while wearing matching blue ensembles. The clip shows Luna (7) holding her baby brother Wren and Miles (5) hugging his little sister Esti, who was born earlier this year.

Looking at the red, white and blue hearts included in the caption, our guess is that the video was taken on the 4th of July. The rest of the caption read: “Muted to protect your ears from John and I making extremely annoying animal noises.”

It’s been a little over a week since Teigen and her husband, John Legend (44), revealed that they welcomed their fourth child via surrogate. Back in June, the mother of four shared the exciting news on Instagram by posting a candid letter on her personal page.

“Around this same time, we also met the most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate we could ever imagine, Alexandra. I knew she was a perfect match for us the moment we spoke to her. All our wishes and dreams aligned,” she wrote. 

And one failed transfer later, Alex became pregnant with their son. “As we crept toward the safe zone of my pregnancy, we were overjoyed to learn Alexandra had become pregnant with a little boy,” Teigen continued. “Our little boy.”

She added, “Just minutes before midnight on June 19th, I got to witness the most beautiful woman, my friend, our surrogate, give birth amidst a bit of chaos, but with strength and pure joy and love.”

Looking forward to the family pics and vids to come, Chrissy!

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