Chris Pratt Sent His ‘Parks and Rec’ Co-star Nick Offerman a Giant 181-Year-Old Tree, As One Does

Parks and Recreation ended three years ago, but Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson’s friendship endures off-screen thanks in part to a shared, albeit, unlikely hobby.

Chris Pratt (Andy) proved his bromance with Nick Offerman (Ron) is still thriving in a series of Instagram posts this weekend that show him chopping down and reshaping a gigantic tree to send to his pal’s woodshop. Yep, Offerman has a woodworking business. Don’t act surprised.

In the first photo, Pratt uses a chainsaw mill to get a 181-year-old Douglas fir in tip-top table shape for the IRL Ron.

He explained his DIY project in his caption and wrote, “Another extraordinary day at the farm!! Today we cut down this gorgeous old growth Douglas Fir. 181 years old!! She was struck by lightning and her top had begun to rot. So instead of becoming bug food she’ll be made into furniture for my house in LA! We used a chainsaw mill to cut 5” thick x 20’ long slabs which will be shipped to @nickofferman’s wood shop in LA where he will Ron Swanson the hell out of it and make me the dopest table in history fit for a family of Vikings!!!”

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star went on to relive the tree-chopping experience with a video, writing, “Forever when I stare at the mantle @nickofferman is making from this chunk of Miss Douglas (I named the tree Miss Douglas just now) I will stare at the ‘eye of balance’ all that now remains of that magical organic kickstand.”

Hey, some friends stay in touch via group chat, others send each other trees. Never change, guys.


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