Parents Are Subbing the Word 'Coworker' into Stories of Their Kids and It's Exactly What We Need Right Now

As the coronavirus continues to shut down schools and offices, parents now find themselves in the (practically) impossible situation of working from home with their children. To help cope with the chaos, some parents are choosing to focus on the funny side of things by sharing stories of their new "coworkers." (Because what else can you do when your two-year-old interrupts your conference call to tell you that they "made a poopy" or when your nine-month-old spits up all over your laptop?)

Taking to social media, parents are posting funny re-imaginings of their kids as work colleagues. Here are some of our favorites.

Writer Shannon Dingle kicked things off by asking her followers to tweet about a young child but use "my co-worker" or "my friend's co-worker" instead.

Some coworkers are downright rude.

Others are highly ambitious.

When your office doesn't have a dress code.

This is why you should label your food at work.

But is this a fur child or human child?

Well, there goes her bonus.

Definitely going to need to go to HR about this one.

Honestly? Same.

Some colleagues need a little help in the conflict resolution department.

When "must know how to TikTok" is part of the job description.

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