Princess Diana’s Brother Shares a Rare Photo of Their Father from His Schoolboy Days on Instagram

Princess Diana's brother, Charles Earl Spencer, is not only a historian and a best-selling author, but he has also become quite the archivist on his social media, posting family photos and other rare snaps from the past. And in his latest post, the 9th Earl Spencer dug up a photo of his and Princess Diana's father that was taken during his schoolboy days.

Spencer shared the photo earlier this weekend, where he wrote, “My father (far right) and school friends, c. 1941.” In the black-and-white snap, his father, Edward John Spencer (AKA the 8th Earl Spencer), is seen standing alongside five other boys, and they're all dressed in blazers and matching slacks with ties and button-up shirts underneath (a school uniform, we presume). Based on the year, Spencer's father couldn't be any older than 17.

Many commenters recognized the resemblance between the 9th Earl Spencer and his father, like one user who said, “Fabulous pic. I can see the resemblance.” Another wrote, “Gosh, you have quite a strong resemblance to your father.”

But others also noticed a similarity to younger members of the royal family, like Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids. One person wrote, “Prince George is the image of you and your father.” Another added, “I see Charlotte in him! Love it!”

Spencer has been sharing all kinds of family photos lately. In addition to sharing snaps of his great-uncles and his grandfather, he pulled out a photo of his and Princess Diana's mother last week, writing, “My mother looking chic on the beach in Devon.” (Oh, and the pic was taken by his father.)

Please keep these throwbacks coming, Charles.

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