Wait—Channing Tatum Is a Painter and His Newly Revealed Pieces Are Actually Quite Stunning

Channing Tatum.
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Actor, dancer, producer and...painter?

Channing Tatum, 43, has shown off his acting talents (Logan Lucky) and his dancing talents (Step Up), but it seems he has a secret splash of Picasso in his genes, because the Alabama native is quite the talented painter, too.

In an Instagram post from August 11, the Magic Mike star shared a portrait that he made using pastels. The artwork seemingly depicts a naked woman pouring a jug of water over her hair. In his caption, Tatum wrote, “Still trying to figure out profile faces more. But I’m actually proud of this arm. Haha the little wins.”

Fellow celebs were amazed by the actor's work, like filmmaker Cole Walliser, who commented, “Considering I can’t even draw a profile stick figure, I am impressed.” Meanwhile, singer Syd wrote, “Nah this is great!”

Perhaps due to the positive response, Tatum ended up sharing another one of his portraits only a day later.

The 21 Jump Street star wrote, “Since I’m on a art roll and I’ve gotten so much sick tips and from really insane artist I admire.”

He then explained how he got into art, writing, “I did this a while back when my little one was watching movie I didn’t like lol. So I sat down and tried something. I don’t often paint. But am gonna try it more. But I’m proud of this one because it was the first time I didn’t look at some thing for a reference. I just started and let whatever came out of the page or paint to show up. And I like her. I am one day going to get classically taught hehe. Thanks for the love and support folks.”

Back in June, Tatum further explored his love of art when he worked on a public art project with kids in the city of New York, hosted by Books Are Magic. “I’m always my happiest when I get to be creative and share my love of art,” he wrote in his caption.

Channing, we had no idea you were such an artistic maestro.

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