Love Cauliflower? You Need to Try Caulilini, an Entirely New Vegetable Coming to Grocery Stores Soon

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Hey, remember when you first discovered broccolini? Much like kale, one day you’d never heard of it and the next it was everywhere. Unlike kale, broccolini was literally invented. Yep, that’s right, a vegetable company called Mann’s Fresh Vegetables bred Chinese kale and broccoli together to create the mild, jewel green, elegant-looking veggie. 

Welp, Mann’s Fresh Vegetables has done it again. They’ve created a new vegetable called caulilini.

According to Mann’s website, caulilini is technically a new type of cauliflower that tastes like cauliflower but is sweeter and more tender. Each floret looks like a white flower (think baby’s breath) and is attached to a long, elegant, pale green stem.

One of the benefits of the new veggie is that there’s very little prep and food waste involved. Because the entire plant is so tender, there’s no need to trim and discard pieces. Cook it just like you’d cook broccolini: Steam it, sauté it, sear it, roast it or fry it…or, simply serve it raw on a crudité platter. If you do cook it, you’ll notice that the stems transform into a beautiful vibrant green color.

You might be asking yourself at this point: But how, precisely, did Mann’s create caulilini? Have no fear, there’s no GMO funny business involved. Put simply, the company bred broccolini with Chinese kale and broccoli. That’s some Mendel’s pea stuff at its finest.

While caulilini is still a pretty new vegetable, you’ll definitely spot it rolling out to grocery stores and restaurants in the upcoming months. And if you do, please help us answer our burning question: What does caulilini rice taste like? 

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