Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Rare Throwbacks of Son Dylan in Honor of His Birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones had plenty to celebrate this summer.

First, it was Dylan's milestone graduation from Brown University. And now, the proud mom is celebrating her son's 22nd birthday with a touching tribute on Instagram.

On Monday, the Chicago star gave her followers a glimpse of his growth over the years, starting with rare throwback photos from his childhood and ending with a more recent snap from his college graduation ceremony. She wrote, "Happy 22nd Birthday Dylan. Zero to 22! You are everything to me and everything is you. The joy you have brought to this world thus far, is immeasurable. I love you more than words can say."

Dylan's father, Michael Douglas, also joined the celebration by sharing a tribute of his own on Instagram. The post included a photo of Dylan smiling on his graduation day, along with a recorded audio message. Douglas captioned the post, "Dylan my man! Happy 22nd! My goodness! Out of college, on your way, you’re rocking! I’m so proud of you Dylan. Have a great new year! Your year! May it be the best! I love you! Dad."

In the comments, Zeta-Jones wrote, "Just wonderful. Ditto to all."

Aside from celebrating her son's remarkable growth, the actress has also been teasing her upcoming Netflix series, Wednesday. In case you missed it, Zeta-Jones is transforming into Morticia Addams for the comedy. And while the streaming platform has yet to confirm a release date, we do have an official teaser (sans Zeta-Jones for now). The 40-second clip features a close-up Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, complete with her signature dark plaits. And per the official logline, fans can expect a "a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery" that follows the title character as a student at Nevermore Academy.

We're keeping an eye out for a first glimpse of Zeta-Jones in character, but until then, we'll keep ourselves entertained with her latest IG content.

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