Casper Just Announced a New Product...and It Isn't a Mattress

casper glow light 728

True story: We've never met a Casper mattress we didn't like want to take a nap on. So when we heard the company was designing something new for our bedrooms, we got supes excited. Friends, meet the "Glow Light"—Casper''s first foray into smart lighting. 

Here's the deal: This small, cylindrical nightlight is designed to mimic the setting of the sun, thereby helping you get naturally sleepier and sleepier. Over the span of 45 minutes, its diffuse, LED lightbulb slowly dims from soft warmth to total darkness. Aaah.  

For the techier among us, you can control your light by downloading its corresponding app. Want a more tactile approach? You can also control it by gesture: To turn it on, flip it over. To soften the light, give it a little wiggle. To adjust brightness, twist from the base. It's light and mobile—and you can even carry it like a New-Age candlestick holder to light your way to the loo at night (without the sleep-disrupting brightness of an overhead light.)

We must say, we're intrigued: And at just $89, it seems well worth the experiment. 


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