Uh, Guys? This Romantic Italian Town Will Pay You to Move There

Ciao, bella. How would you like to move to a picturesque medieval Italian village called CandelaMolto bene, you say? Well, what if we told you the mayor was willing to pay you thousands of dollars to relocate? 

Candela, Italy, aka Little Naples, is located in Puglia, about an hour’s drive from the stunning Mediterranean coast. And its population has dwindled to a mere 2,700 people as younger denizens have left to seek opportunities in the big city. Now, local officials are hoping to boost businesses and tourism and bring the town back to its bustling glory days. That’s where you come in. 

Known for its burrata and pristine palazzos, the history-rich town is free of smog and crime and it’s awash in available real estate (be still our Airbnb-ing hearts). CNN reports, “There are dozens of dazzling white houses with panoramic terraces and ornate balconies standing empty, waiting to welcome new residents.” 

The only requirement is an income of more than 7,500 Euros (or $9,000) per year.  If it sounds like a dream come true, book your travel, pronto.

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