Camilla Parker Bowles Just Wore a ‘Stomacher’ in a New Royal Portrait—and We’re Obsessed with the Royal Jewelry Trend

Yes, she paired it with a tiara

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Camilla Parker Bowles is dipping into the royal jewel box. Her love of jewelry is well-known, but this week she surprised even the most seasoned of royal jewelry experts when she wore a diamond “stomacher” to a Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace and while posing for the royal portrait seen above.

What on earth is a stomacher, you might be wondering?

A stomacher is basically a massive piece of jewelry that is affixed to the bodice of a dress. It has the look of a corsage or brooch, but is typically worn front-and-center—in other words, at the widest part of the chest, but also at the top of a woman’s stomach, hence the name. (It’s also often called a devant de corsage.)

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As far as royal history goes, stomachers used to be all the rage. They featured heavily in royal women’s jewel rotations, according to The Telegraph’s fashion director, Bethan Holt, and created “opportunities for maximum adornment and status-signaling.”

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In the case of Camilla, she chose to wear a diamond stomacher that belonged to the late Queen Mother for this glamorous occasion, which we will admit requires pulling out all the stops. (She paired the stomacher with the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland tiara, which was given to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893 and a favorite of the late Queen Elizabeth II.)

Was Queen Camilla signaling her status to party-goers? Or was the choice to dig deep into the royal jewel box simply about her love of jewelry as art? Her former daughter-in-law Sara Parker Bowles recently stopped by U.K. talk show Lorraine and revealed that her ex mother-in-law “loves jewelry and is really knowledgable about it.”

At the very least, we’re grateful to Camilla for introducing a new jewelry term to our royal vocabulary.

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