Camilla Parker Bowles Officially Has a New Instagram Account

Camilla Parker Bowles is kicking off the new year with a brand new Instagram account—but don't expect to see any personal snaps or selfies.

The Duchess of Cornwall created her new account, @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom, on Dec. 31, and the bio reads, "Join The Duchess of Cornwall in The Reading Room; discover new books & meet the extraordinary people who create them. First season opens 15 January."

Although it hasn't even been a full week, the account already has several posts and close to 26,000 followers. In the very first pic, the Duchess shared a book recommendation and said, "Welcome to HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room! We’re excited for you to join us when the first season launches later in January 2021. Ahead of that, HRH is sharing this special book and her conversation with @charliemackesy to kick off the New Year."

The Duchess then proceeded to share a clip of her discussion with Mackesy, where the two discussed his writing process and his book, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. And of course, we couldn't help but notice Camilla's colorful decor and pastel green walls.

In the comments, fans showed their appreciation by sharing how insightful and inspiring the conversation was. One fan said, "What a beautiful example of someone speaking from their soul and sharing their gift with the world. Thank you @duchessofcornwallsreadingroom for sharing this and @charliemackesy for creating this."

The new launch comes as no surprise, since the duchess has been quite open about her love of books. In fact, Camilla revealed in a statement in 2020 that reading helped her get through the challenging year. She said, "Ernest Hemingway, famously, once said, 'There is no friend as loyal as a book.' In these challenging times when we are isolated from the ones we love, many of us are finding comfort in reading, to fire up our imaginations, to take us on journeys and to make us laugh."

Looks like the duchess's year is already off to the best start!

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