Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has a Nonroyal Title as Well

Future queen (consort) Camilla Parker-Bowles has a slew of royal titles.

There are the ones you know: Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess of Wales. And the ones you might not: Countess of Chester, Duchess of Rothesay…

But, listen up, trivia nerds. The wife of Prince Charles, first in line to the throne, has another nonroyal title as well. 

Turns out, she’s actually Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland (and has been since 2013).

Parker-Bowles visited the university where she serves as chancellor (read: a ceremonial figurehead for the school) on Wednesday wearing her fancy chancellor robes (very reminiscent of coronation robes, might we add). She was there to appoint Professor George Boyne as the new principal and vice-chancellor.

Future queen and academia kween?

Yes, we’re signature power posing in her honor.

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