Cameron Diaz Treated Fans to a Cooking Lesson (& Now We Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Kitchen)

Cameron Diaz just gave fans a little lesson on how to make one of her favorite snacks from her kitchen and, TBH, we're kind of obsessed with the decor.

The Avaline Wine founder posted a brief tutorial on making stovetop popcorn while promoting her pal Drew Barrymore's talk show. She wrote, "It’s premiere Week for @thedrewbarrymoreshow. And what better snack to crunch while you watch the main attraction? Popcorn of course! Pair with @avaline for your movie night popcorn."

She continued, "Tune in for your daily dose of sunshine, joy, inspiration and optimism. Watch @thedrewbarrymoreshow *every day* on your local CBS station!!!!"

The actress proceeded to explain how she makes her popcorn, which includes olive oil, salt, nutritional yeast and Choluba seasoning. As Diaz walked fans through the process, however, we got so distracted by the rustic decor in her kitchen that we lost track of the "recipe." We were focused on the wooden counter-top and simple wooden shelves, which, paired with her blue dishes, give off a cozy, country feel. Fans also caught a glimpse of the white-tiled walls and white cupboards.

In the clip, while making the popcorn, Diaz spoke in detail about her appearance on BFF Barrymore's new show, where she, Lucy Liu, and the host reminisced about their Charlie's Angels days. She said, "Charlie's Angels was a huge moment for all three of us, it changed our lives. We loved so much making that movie, to work with two incredible women, feeling so empowered, learning our kung fu, being an elite crime-fighting team of three women who just kick butt & put the bad guys behind bars. We just had the best time." Girl power, FTW. 

Thanks for the mini-tour, Cameron. Maybe it's time to upgrade our own kitchen.

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