Busy Philipps Documented All of Her Golden Globes Prep and It Involves Boob Sweat

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Most celebs leave their Golden Globes prep up to the imagination. But not Busy Philipps. She documented the entire process on her Instagram story

After touching down from her family vacay in Mexico last night, she immediately began prepping for the Globes and, of course, filming the whole thing. She started with a trip to her her colorist for a quick touch-up—which involved holding a salon puppy in her lap. Goals. Then, she headed to celeb esthetician Joanna Czech for a facial. 

But the truly refreshing content came this morning when Philipps filmed herself starting the morning with a cup of coffee and confessed, "So, the Golden Globes are today, here's the deal: I didn't sleep great. The world seems very upsetting, but I don't know. It's nice to be able to celebrate friends that do amazing work and use their platforms for amazing things and that's my best friend and I really hope that she wins today." Philipps is referring to friend Michelle Williams, who's nominated for Best Limited Series/TV Movie Actress for her role in "Fosse/Verdon." 

The candid admission was followed by a video of the actress looking less-than-pleased at an 8:30 a.m. workout class. "Now I'm sweaty and I have to do my fitting," she announced. That's right, the Dawson's Creek star had a final dress fitting a mere five hours before she was due on the carpet. According to the 'gram, her post-fitting activities included a manicure while sporting a sheet mask, and a quick lunch while getting her hair, makeup and pedicure done. 

She finished off the story announcing "look what I finally got," in reference to Megababe's Bust Dust, a powder designed to stop boob sweat. A woman after our own hearts. 

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