Burger King Is Doing the ‘Impossible’ & Introducing a Vegetarian Whopper

The words Burger King don’t exactly call to mind images of plant-based living and health. Today, that all changes.

It may be April Fools’ Day, but Burger King just announced it’s getting in the very real business of affordable vegetarian food and testing their new Impossible Whopper in select locations. Made using an Impossible Burger patty that looks and tastes like meat but totally isn’t, Burger King surprised Whopper enthusiasts in St. Louis with the iconic burger’s new iteration. Needless to say, customers were shocked by how damn good it tasted. Like, seriously shocked.  

Why? Well, for one, they couldn’t tell the difference between the Impossible Whopper and the normal Whopper. As this editor can attest, the Impossible Burger tastes like beef, it looks like beef, it even appears to bleed like beef, and to have it join, no elevate, the fast-food realm could be a major game-changer.

Currently, Burger King is testing the popularity of the Impossible Whopper at 59 locations in the Saint Louis area. But if tests go well, the plant-based burger could make its way onto menus in all 7,200 Burger King locations nationwide. Judging from customer reactions in the video above, chances are looking good.

Burger King’s chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado, said the burger passes so well that the company’s internal team was even tricked.

“People on my team who know the Whopper inside and out, they try it and they struggle to differentiate which one is which,” Machado told The New York Times.

While the “meat” may be different, it’s still the same flame-grilled burger with freshly sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun. Burger King has technically been serving up veggie burgers for years, but they’ve got nothing on the Impossible Whopper.



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