Bryce Dallas Howard Plays Elton John’s Mom in ‘Rocketman’—and She Summed Him Up in 3 Words

bryce dallas howard on elton john

If you haven’t yet watched the Rocketman trailer, get excited: The Elton John biopic will be in theaters on May 31, 2019, and, much like the man himself, it seems pretty epic. 

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard plays his mom in the film and during an exclusive chat with PureWow in New York City had a few choice words to describe the music superstar.

“I learned a lot about Elton John while working together on the film,” she revealed at an event for Tide Purclean, the first plant-based detergent made using 100 percent wind-generated electricity. “I didn’t know much about his life at the time, but I knew his music. We all know his music.”

Still, the qualities that really struck the Jurassic World star could be summed up in three words: “prodigy,” “Mozart” and “genius.” 

She explained, “He was a prodigy. He was somebody who studied at a very, very young age. If you were to imagine the Mozart of today, the modern Mozart is Elton John. He’s a genius.”

As far as high praise goes, we’re pretty sure that’s as good as it gets.

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