Blue Ivy Carter Has Apparently Mastered the Cat-Eye, and Can She Teach Us?

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At just 7 years old, it’s safe to say Blue Ivy Carter has done more in her short years than, well…most of us. Her newest accomplishment? Mastering some of the hardest makeup looks—according to her grandma, Tina Knowles-Lawson. 

We’re totally serious. In a “fireside chat” with Entertainment Tonight at Beautycon LA this weekend, Knowles-Lawson was asked if Blue Ivy was showing any interest in beauty. She revealed that (much to Jay-Z’s dismay) she’s gifted her granddaughter a handful of makeup kits. 

"She’s quite a makeup artist. She’s amazing," she explained. So much so, that she's adept at creating a cat eye and a smokyeye. Um, how?!

This isn’t Tina’s first rodeo when it comes to little girls and makeup. She also revealed that both of her daughters —Beyoncé and Solange—wore makeup when they were younger. 

They were 13 years old when they first explored Sephora and their mom let them try out "a little lip gloss, maybe a little blush—and I always believed in mascara, that’s so fun," she said. "But not any base and all that stuff, that’s a little much."

Yeah, so it looks like the apple definitely doesn’t fall from the tree when it comes to the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. 

First landing a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, now mastering quite possibly the hardest makeup look in the game? You could say we’re impressed by Blue!

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