Blake Lively Used to Wear Forever 21 on the Red Carpet and Say It Was Vintage

Blake Lively has been cemented as a fashion maven in our minds, pretty much ever since her days as Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. She routinely wears some of the most interesting and fashion-forward ensembles on red carpets and during press tours (let us never forget the parade of amazing pantsuits she rocked to promote A Simple Favor). But in an interview for InStyle, Lively reminded us this wasn't actually always the case. In fact, she used to make public appearances wearing the fast-fashion brand Forever 21 on a pretty regular basis. Even better: She lied about it.

blake lively wearing forever 21 on the red carpet
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

In a wonderfully relatable move, Lively admitted that she used to tell people the inexpensive pieces she wore on the red carpet were vintage, rather than own up to the budget-friendly truth. Which, honestly, same. Who among us hasn't pretended a J.Crew party dress was actually from "this little boutique I stumbled upon on my latest jaunt to Brooklyn." (No? Just me? OK, moving on...)

This isn't the first time Lively fessed up to this particular sartorial lie. In 2009 she told Glamour UK that the yellow shirred mini dress she wore to the 2005 Teen Choice Awards was in reality a piece that cost less than 15 bucks.

“This was my second ever premiere. I’m wearing a $13 dress from Forever 21. On the red carpet people were like ‘who are you wearing?’ But when I told them, they said I shouldn’t admit to it, like it was more impressive to have a designer gown that’s thousands of dollars. After that I just told people it was vintage,” she explained.

Nowadays Lively actually does wear vintage on the red carpet as well as pieces many times more expensive than Forever 21. But it's good to know that Lively used to be just like us, scouring the mall for an inexpensive outfit and lying about its origins. We're just waiting for our glow up to designer threads...and an invite to her next movie premiere.



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