You Won't Believe Which ‘Gossip Girl’ Stars Are Besties in Real Life

Blair Waldorf spent most of Gossip Girl’s six seasons feuding with her frenemy Serena, but there was always one gal in Blair’s life who always stuck by her: Dorota, her faithful and supportive housekeeper.

So we were thrilled when actress Zuzanna Szadkowski, who played Dorota in the juicy teen drama, sat down with Cosmopolitan and revealed that she is still Leighton Meester’s ride-or-die IRL. When the Polish actress first donned Dorota’s uniform, she was just another supporting character in the tapestry of gorgeous UESers, but her character steadily evolved into Blair’s confidante and mother figure—so much so that the pair developed a strong bond offscreen. 

“I’m very close with Leighton because she and I spent a lot of time working together and we developed a real friendship,” Szadkowski said.

She continued to share that she even visited the former Miss Blair Waldorf in L.A. recently and was blown away by fans’ reception of the pair stepping out in public. “I’m sure she gets recognized all the time,” she said, “but when fans see Blair and Dorota together it can get surreal for people.” Truth.

What we wouldn’t give to see Blair and Dorota in the flesh.*Sigh*

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