Staying in for Memorial Day? Here’s Every Show Our Coworkers Recommend Binge-Watching this Holiday Weekend

We can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is here already. And since we're not able to take part in all the group activities we usually do, we’re searching for anything and everything to keep us entertained (we’re looking at you, Netflix).

So, we surveyed our working-from-home PureWow colleagues to see what they are currently bingeing. Here, 10 staff recommendations for the best shows to watch this holiday weekend.

never have i ever

1. ‘never Have I Ever’

Recommended by: Abby Hepworth, Associate Editor

What they had to say: “It’s an incredibly cute, easy to binge show about a teenage girl trying to figure herself out and it’s so fun. Also, the soundtrack is bomb.”

Where to watch: Netflix


2. ‘unorthodox’

Recommended by: Jillian Quint, SVP of Content

What they had to say: “It’s a three-part mini series (so totally watchable over the weekend) about a woman escaping her Hasidic community in Brooklyn.”

Where to watch: Netflix

mad men

3. ‘mad Men’

Recommended by: Dena Silver, Fashion Director

What they had to say: Mad Men is leaving Netflix on June 10, so there's no time like RIGHT THIS SECOND to binge the show (and fantasize about what it's like to work in an office again).”

Where to watch: Netflix


4. ‘run’

Recommended by: Rachel Bowie, Director - Special Projects

What they had to say: “It is so addictive and has plot twists at every turn. Phoebe Waller-Bridge (of Fleabag fame) is also the executive producer and makes a cameo in the show. I started watching it after my husband promised it was a comedy (it is, but a dark one!), then got addicted to the suspenseful side of it.”

Where to watch: HBO

wet hot american summer
Eureka Pictures

5. ‘wet Hot American Summer’

Recommended by: Katherine Gillen, Food Editor

What they had to say:
“Start with the movie then watch the series on Netflix because it might be the greatest comedy in the existence of everything (and also the closest thing anyone will get to camp this year).”

Where to watch: Netflix


6. ‘ozark’

Recommended by: Roberta Fiorito, Editor, Branded Content

What they had to say: “We started rewatching Ozark all the way through before watching season 3 and it’s seriously such a good show from the very beginning. I think they lost a little steam on season 2 but season 1 is prime Jason Bateman and it’s worth a rewatch and a good MDW binge.”

Where to watch: Netflix

riteous gemstones
Rough House Pictures

7. ‘the Righteous Gemstones’

Recommended by: Philip Mutz, Executive Editor

What they had to say: “I can't believe I never watched it before. It totally isn't what I expected and is so funny. A brilliant ensemble cast with fun twists right in the first episode.”

Where to watch: HBO

the great

8. ‘the Great’

Recommended by: Abby Hepworth, Associate Editor

What they had to say: “I only just started it but I love it. Elle Fanning is magnificent as Catherine the Great. It’s kind of weird and barely historically accurate, but if you liked The Favourite, you’ll enjoy it.”

Where to watch: Hulu

outer banks

9. ‘outer Banks’

Recommended by: Catrina Yohay, Associate Managing Editor

What they had to say: “This show is insane in the best way possible. It follows a 16-year-old boy named John B and his riff-raff group of friends on a quest to uncover the truth about his missing father. It’s equal parts The Outsiders and National Treasure with a splash of Gossip Girl (trust me).”

Where to watch: Netflix

derry girls

10. ‘derry Girls’

Recommended by: Sarah Stiefvater, Editor

What they had to say: “It’s a show about a group of high schoolers in Northern Ireland in the ’90s and it’s without a doubt one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it from start to finish probably five times, and you better believe I’ll do it again. Just watch it with subtitles; the accents are strong and you don’t want to miss any of the jokes.”

Where to watch: Netflix