‘Bachelor’ Star Bekah Martinez Just Welcomed Her First Child (and It’s a Girl)

Congratulations are in order: Bekah Martinez just welcomed her first child with boyfriend Grayston Leonard.

According to People, the baby girl was born on February 2 in Los Angeles via water birth.

The Bachelor star and Chatty Broads podcast host, 23, revealed she was pregnant in September 2018, three months after the couple went public with their relationship. In a PureWow exclusive interview, she described the news as “legitimately a dream come true” and told us, “I’ve always felt sure that I want to be a mom.”

And in an Instagram post last week, Martinez said, “I actually have super-human patience right now. I know my due date is Tuesday, but I am perfectly at peace with going a couple weeks more. I trust my baby and I trust my body. He or she will come when they’re fully ready for the journey earth-side.” She got her wish, delivering a few days after her due date.

Meanwhile, Leonard posted a few photos of the newborn, captioning the Instagram simply, “#nopicturesplease.” The couple hasn’t revealed the baby’s name (yet).

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