Pull Off a Bank Heist in This Free Virtual Escape Room (Hurry, You Only Get 20 Minutes)

bank heist 4

Maybe it's because we just rewatched Ben Affleck rob banks in The Town (we're running out of content here, folks), but there’s something about this quarantine that has us in the mood to break into a safe. JK, but we'll pretty much settle for any activity that doesn't involve reading the news at this point. 

Lucky for us, there’s actually a virtual escape room, Bank Heist, that allows you to do just that. Yep, Expedition Escape, located in the Greater Philadelphia area, actually took their real-life escape room and turned it into a free (!) virtual one. And it sounds pretty interesting. 

Part of the game's description reads as follows: “You are a member of America’s most successful crime syndicate. Your specialty has always been lock picking, ever since, as a child, you learned how to crack the safe at your elementary school... and supermarket...and church. Today, you’ll be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempt a heist at the Valley Isle Bank.” 

The best part (aside from it being free)? All you need is a desktop or laptop, a piece of paper, a pen and a calculator. And did we mention there’s also an optional playlist you can listen to? 

Better be quick, since you only have 20 minutes to get in and get out.