‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kelley Flanagan Responds to Fan Claims that She ‘Hates’ Peter Weber

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Kelley Flanagan is finally opening up about her true feelings for Bachelor Peter Weber.

Questions arose earlier this month when the lawyer was still a contestant on this season of the hit ABC show. Fans (including us) couldn’t help but notice that she seemed really, really uninterested in the pilot. So, we had to wonder: Does Kelley actually like Weber?

It all started in episode five when Weber took Kelley to a meditation sanctuary, where they used energy to help expand their minds. This involved stripping down to minimal clothing while the guides dispersed steam and lit candles. Sounds romantic, right? Wrong. Kelley looked extremely miserable, crossing her arms and giggling to fill awkward silences, while shirtless Weber fought for her attention. This kind of attitude pretty much went on for the remainder of her time on the show. 

If that wasn’t enough, speculation increased after Flanagan liked a tweet saying she “clearly hates” him. Yikes. 

However, on Monday evening, Kelley put any doubts about her feelings for Peter to rest. In a Q&A session shared on her Instagram Story, someone asked if she had “real feelings” for the Bachelor. 

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“Yes I did! Peter is an amazing guy,” she responded. 

And that wasn’t all. Another individual asked if the 27-year-old had any “hate” towards Peter, to which she responded, “No hate at all! I think every girl on the show will always has lingering questions! I guess I'm still looking for that strong WiFi connection.” Well, glad that’s settled then.

We have a question for you, Kelley: Are you the next Bachelorette?