Lush Is Making a Bath Bomb Inspired by Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is a Woman’ Video

If God is a woman, then heaven is a bath bomb. At least that’s the approach Ariana Grande and Lush are taking with their new collab inspired by Grande’s “God Is a Woman” music video. We’re praying it comes out ASAP. 

Grande dropped her video almost a week ago, which included imagery of the newly engaged singer luxuriating in a unicorn-colored bath in the nude.

Naturally, Arianators (aka fans) took to Twitter to applaud their queen, and one even tweeted at Lush Cosmetics with a brilliant product idea. “@Lushcosmetics make a bath bomb that looks like this and call it ‘God Is a Woman’ so I can bathe feeling like a goddess,” @GrandesLite wrote.

Grande responded with sheer enthusiasm and wrote, “OMG @lushcosmetics I’ll do anything.” So, Lush’s product inventor Jack Constantine got to work and built a prototype in his lab, which he shared on Instagram yesterday. 

We can all agree that Constantine totally nailed it. Now all we need is a waist-long blonde braid, an enormous bathtub and this bath bomb to start living our best goddess life. We’ll get right on that.