April the Giraffe Is Pregnant Again and There Goes the Next 8 Months of Our Life

Mamma Mia!—here we go again! More than a year after giving birth to her son Tajiri while 1.2 million people watched, April the giraffe is officially pregnant again.

Yes, the giraffe whose live-feed labor inhibited your productivity for 65 days is expecting again, according to her caretaker, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch. April’s owner broke the baby giraffe news on this morning’s Today show, saying, “The results are in and we’re having a baby.”

Apparently, giraffes’ gestational periods vary, so Patch isn’t sure of her due date, but he expects her to give birth next March. The average giraffe is typically pregnant for 15 months, but April was pregnant with Tajiri for 16 months and even carried a previous calf for 20 months.

April is already a mom to four calves, including Tajiri. A giraffe named Oliver, who is also Tajiri’s father, is the baby daddy. But Patch explained that the sex of the baby won’t be known until it “hits the ground,” so don’t hold your breath for a gender reveal party.

The plus? The giraffe cam is already live streaming and it’s just as soothing to watch as we remember.


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