You'll Never Guess What Music Anna Faris Listens to on Her Way to Work

We gotta hand it to Anna Faris: She skillfully balances parenting life and work life, while still being full of surprises. We sat down with Faris and wanted to know how she makes time for herself with so much on her plate. And forget self-care, the Scary Movie star says it's all about Dr. Dre.

Her unexpected daily ritual takes place during her commute to shoot Mom, she explained during our exclusive chat in New York City. Faris was in town to promote her partnership with Clorox and its $150,000 campaign to help provide clean, creative workspaces for students across the country. 

“I have about an hour-long commute to get to the set of Mom and I take that time to myself,” Faris says.

“I listen to really loud music. I roll the windows down. I annoy everyone around me. They think I’m probably a 17-year-old until they look at me and they realize I’m in my 40s and that I probably shouldn’t be doing that.”

Still, for Faris, who’s mom to 7-year-old Jack, her son with ex-husband Chris Pratt, it’s a ritual that relaxes her. “I listen to 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim, Dr. Dre. It's a weird emotional outlet for me. Also, a reminder: You don’t want to mess with me,” she laughs.

We love this for many reasons. If you need us, we’ll be head banging on the highway. 

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