Angela Bassett Just Posed with Her New Wax Figure & It's Eerie How Spot-On It Is

Angela Bassett is the latest celebrity to have her likeness recreated at a Madame Tussauds wax museum and her figure is so realistic we're convinced she's cloned herself.

Bassett visited the Hollywood museum this weekend to see the figure for the first time, and she shared the experience on Instagram with a snap of herself standing with her likeness. “Seeing double,” she wrote with a pink heart emoji.

For those who can't tell which is which (we struggled ourselves), Bassett is standing in front wearing pink, while the model is situated behind her. Fellow celebs were just as shocked as we were, like actor Cheyenne Jackson, who said, “Ok that’s craY. I legit can’t tell.” Viola Davis wrote, “AMAZING!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!” And Rosario Dawson commented, “I mean… wowowowow.”

The Black Panther actress also shared a video that was taken when she first walked up to the wax figure. In the caption she said, “Heyyy twin! @madametussaudsusa.”

In the clip, Bassett walks into the room and says, “Oh lord, I'm a twin! Hey me!” She couldn't believe how realistic it was, saying, “Oh my god it looks so lifelike. It's like it's gonna jump alive and give me a hug.”

She also loved all the details on the figure, adding, “Oh look—you got the toenail polish. Got a nice little nude [color] on the toenail polish. Better than I do. Let me walk around her. Look at my derrière! Even that's cute! The eyes are lovely—the whites of the eyes, the eyebrows. On fleek.”

Bassett ended by thanking the designer of the figure's jumpsuit, saying, “Thank you Greta Constantine. Look at this beautiful jumper, you know I love a jumper.” She also thanked the model's artist, remarking, “Absolutely amazing, I mean if we all have gifts, you have landed on yours. Thank you.”

One person commented, “Nah this is the best wax figure EVER!!” And we have to agree.

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