The ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Finale Set Us Up for the Ultimate Season 9 Crossover

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s no ice and fire, but a Land Rover and a bathtub?! We did not expect American Horror Story: Apocalypse to end like that.

Luckily (or maybe, not so luckily, depending how you look at it), the Easter egg at the end set us up for a nice little crossover for season nine(since AHS has been green-lit through season ten). With Timothy and Emily’s baby as the new Antichrist, Ryan Murphy proved he’s not done ruining characters’ lives, and the show must go on (thank God…but can we please get more Angela Bassett next time?). So what does this mean for season nine?

Well, one major question on every viewer’s mind: How can Timothy and Emily produce a Satanic baby? Season one clearly laid out the requirements for a proper Antichrist conception: One entity must be a spirit. The child could then become what Michael was (before the Regina George–esque car death by Mallory). According to one Reddit user, @jessi_moni, perhaps Timothy and Emily are the part-alien descendants of Kit Walker from season two, Asylum.

That would sorta explain how two very “normal humans” (sorry, with “special DNA,” according to their 23andMe tests) could conceive another Antichrist, while also tying in Asylum to the next season. And what about the witches? Now that they’re (pretty much) alive and well, there’s no doubt in our mind that Cordelia and her witches will be back for future seasons.

One other clue about the new baby Antichrist: Evan Peters has been begging for an AHS: Outer Space season for the past few years. Maybe Ryan Murphy finally gave in.

So is it Aliens vs. the Antichrist (vs. the Witches…vs. the Cult…) for season nine?

Alexa, play the Twilight Zone theme song.

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