Amazon Is Now Selling a Grow-Your-Own Avocado Tree Kit (and It’s Only $11)

Oh avocados, how we adore you. But sometimes, we don’t feel like making a trip to the grocery store just to whip up a quick guac (not to mention these little green guys can be expensive). 

One possible solution? Grow your very own avocado tree in your backyard—and it looks like Amazon can help. The site is carrying a contraption called the AvoSeedo, a tiny plastic gadget created for growing a baby avo tree. 

According to the official AvoSeedo website, this small, elaborate tool builds on the idea of the traditional “toothpick method” while significantly raising the success rate when it comes to avocado germination.

grow your own avocado tree

It’s pretty easy: Take your avocado seed, peel it, then place it in a container of water. On average avocado seeds take three to six weeks to crack open and begin to grow, but the process could take a little bit longer. Once the sprouting plant is big enough (around 20 centimeters with some leaves) remove the pit and plant it into a pot with some soil. Voilà.

See the video below for the full process. 

Simple enough. Plus the small kit can be purchased for only $11. You’ll have a green thumb in no time.