Huzzah! You Can Now Ask Alexa What Wine to Pair with Your Dinner (Yes, Even if It's Hot Dogs)

Of course, if we had it our way, we’d all be somms capable of knowing the difference between Syrah and Petite Sirah and which pairs better with our dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

Thankfully, we don’t actually need to be wine experts to pair our meals like one. One of Alexa’s newest skills, called Wine Finder, takes the guesswork out of pairing dinner (or lunch or dessert) with the perfect wine. The app comes preset with 500 different types of food and the perfect wine to go with each flavor profile, from hot dogs to foie gras.

All you have to do: Download the skill in your Alexa mobile app, then say, “Alexa, open Wine Finder,”and proceed to ask her what type of wine goes with pad thai. She’ll then spit out a recommendation (Pinot Gris, in this case).

Did somm-body say dinner (and wine) is served?


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