Adele Sobs After Couple's Mid-Concert Gender Reveal

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Baby fever is in the air and apparently at Adele concerts too. Earlier this week, the 35-year-old vocalist helped a couple in the audience of her Weekends with Adele Las Vegas residency reveal the gender of their child. The fans, Chris and Shantelle Dare, snuck a sign into the venue that read, "Adele will you do our gender reveal?"

The duo were later brought to the front of the stage to do the big reveal, where they also received praise from Adele on their sign-sneaking skills. "No one's really allowed signs in here. I'm just obsessed that you got one in," she gushed.

See the entire reveal below.

The couple waited for weeks to know the gender of their child in hopes that the star would do the reveal for them. Shantelle, who's currently 18 weeks pregnant, said they received the envelope with the gender when she was around 12 weeks along, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The singer, who's already a mother herself, was more than happy to grant their wishes. After some moments and a delicate tearing of the envelope, she announced the couple are having a baby boy, which then prompted Adele to start sobbing.

This is the second half of Adele's residency in The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace. Before wrapping up her initial shows in March, she announced brand new dates that started early this summer in June. Her residency is set to end later in the year, at the beginning of November. Just in time for a long holiday break.

With only a handful of weekends left of her residency, we're hoping to see more sweet moments like this one.

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