Um, Adele Says We’ve Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong This Whole Time…

Nothing surprises us more than when a celebrity reveals that we’ve been pronouncing their name wrong. Remember when Rihanna revealed that we’d been saying her name wrong the whole time? Or when Lindsay Lohan made that TikTok and told the entire world we’ve been pronouncing her last name wrong for years? So, imagine our surprise when Adele came out and shared how she *actually* says her name.

Adele at the BRIT Awards.
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

According to E! News!, she recently held a Q&A segment in honor of her “I Drink Wine” music video release. While talking with her fans, there was one in particular who pronounced her name correctly and the “Easy on Me” singer had to praise them for it. 

“Love that,” Adele said. “She said my name perfectly!”

Adele singing live on television.
Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

So, what is the correct way to pronounce Adele’s name? Well, it’s actually quite simple. A lot of fans like to say “uh-dell” when referring to the singer, but the “Hello” singer actually prefers if people put a different emphasis at the end of her name. Instead, she likes to put her North London accent on the second syllable, so it sounds like “uh-dale.”

We never would’ve guessed…

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